The VR Platform that does it All

Truly immersive virtual reality is finally within reach.
Noon VR supports most phones 4.7 inches or larger.

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Key Features

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High Quality Video

Upload and experience any video file using the mobile app’s state-of-the-art video conversion engine. Relive some of your most jaw-dropping moments in minutes.

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Head Tracking Interface

Equipped with an intuitive head-tracking UI, the mobile app allows you to experience NOON VR’s ever expanding collection of immersive 360 and stereoscopic VR content without ever needing to remove your headset.

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Tap Features

Access menus, pause/play content and re-orient your view using the mobile app’s many tap functionalities. Our goal is to eliminate the need to remove your headset during your VR experience.

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NOON VR Remote

With just NOON VR+ and the APP, you can experience high-resolution, high-spec games and videos on your computer whenever you want, comfortably and luxuriously, without purchasing a separate device.

Everything You Need is Under the Hood.

Stream an ever-expanding library of virtual reality experiences or upload and share your own. It is meant to be as simple as it sounds.

Excellent Interactive NOON VR Remote

NOON VR Remote is all you need if you want to easily enjoy high-resolution games and videos on your PC. Enjoy virtual reality in your own space without having to purchase a separate device.

NOON VR Remote for Windows
How to Use NOON VR APP for Android
1. Download NOON VR app from Google Play Store and install on your smartphone.
2. When authentification page appears, input authentification code on manual and click [Authenticate].
3. If authentication is successful, click [START] to launch NOON VR app.
4. Click VR mode icon on the preview of video downloaded in 1; connect smartphone to NOON VR headset to watch video.